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Who We Are

We're a group of business analytics and industry experts who do whatever it takes for our clients to successfully turn data into action. Our workforce is engaged and continuously maintains their skills in ever-changing industries and practice areas.

  1. Curious

    We don't accept the obvious answer. We dig, and then dig some more, to make sure that we understand the problem and have the best solution. We thrive in an environment where we continuously learn new things and are challenged by the work we do.

  1. Outcome-focused

    We don't enjoy technology for technology's sake. Sure, we're a bunch of geeks but we understand business and realize that technology is just a means to a business end. We are here to solve our clients biggest problems by understanding the story the data is telling.

  1. Collaborative

    It's easy to say, hard to do. We work best as a team and are committed to an environment that supports and listens to every team member. We win together. Our client relationships are built from the same side of the table, not across from it. We'll walk a mile in your shoes to make sure know we're on your side.

  1. Communication focused

    We go out of our way to ensure everyone knows what's going on at all times whether they are based in our corporate office or are out at a client site. We over-document and over-communicate, if that's possible, to make sure that there are no gaps. We have the tools to communicate in a myriad of ways so no one is in the dark.

  1. Accountable

    We are accountable to each other as well as to our clients. We're not afraid to have hard conversations if someone doesn't pull their weight -- and we're stronger for it.

"At Clear Peak, we strive to create a nurturing workplace environment that’s free of drama, exudes positive energy, respects each individual and validates their creativity, talent and diligence."

Tom, Chief Operating Officer

"What has resonated with me is how genuine everyone is towards one another. It is an open, supportive, and positive (fun) environment and culture that starts the moment you walk through the door."

Jeff, Consultant

“Our culture and people at Clear Peak make working here an exciting and enjoyable experience. Additionally, the rapid growth of our company provides many new opportunities for employees to leverage their creativity and take ownership of special projects, ultimately making a big impact within our organization.”

Richard, Office Manager

We’ll Invest in YOU

It’s all about you. No, honestly - we want to help and enable you to succeed.

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