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Margaret Tedlie

Smart one, she is. When you meet Margaret, you can tell that she was the smartest kid in college – studious, bookish, and a bit of an introvert. But she’s taken the theory that she learned in school and applied it to the real world, with dozens and dozens of successful applications. She also has a strong work ethic and incredible discipline. Our clients appreciate that. She’s a bulldog who can dig out the facts, get to the bottom of the “real” problem, understand how all the parts fit together and develop a complete solution. We call her the supply chain guru’s guru. She knows supply chain better than most resident doctors know anatomy–really, really well.

Margaret Tedlie, Practice Director, Supply Chain

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Mar 08 2017

Five Practical Steps to Data-First SCM

Organizational change can appear scarier than having Amazon.com coming for your industry. But with big data business analytics on your ... Continue Reading

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Feb 03 2017

Three Disconnects That Can Sabotage Data-First Supply Chain Management

What can SCM experts and enlightened senior executives look to optimize—or fix—to create an agile, connected supply chain? Our advisory ... Continue Reading

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Dec 27 2016

What Clinton’s and pollsters’ failures can teach supply chain pros

In business, as in politics, you’re not data-driven unless you commit to hearing the truth. When I first read my ... Continue Reading

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Nov 25 2016

Data in the Driver’s Seat

In transportation and 3PL management, a data-first approach can help you better understand the modes, carriers, routes, metrics, and overall ... Continue Reading

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Nov 11 2016

A quest for supply chain visibility and advantage

The Clear Peak Supply Chain Advisory Council is committed to turning new technologies and best practices into action. The high-octane ... Continue Reading

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Sep 26 2016

Private or Dedicated Fleet? “Look Under the Hood” for Answers

The omnichannel and a changing industry are rearranging the trucking roadmap, but data analytics and logistics optimization can help you ... Continue Reading

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Aug 16 2016

Shippers: It’s Time to Collaborate with Carriers

Massive disruption has hit freight carriers. The fast lane is wide open for shippers to harness data-driven transportation sourcing to ... Continue Reading

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Aug 02 2016

Strategic Sourcing: Both Sprint and Marathon

Quickly controlling direct and indirect spend often drives the adoption of strategic sourcing; optimally managing sources over time demands a ... Continue Reading

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Jul 13 2016

Procurement Analytics and the Demise Of “Buyers’ Remorse”

Surprisingly few enterprises, even the must buttoned-up Fortune 100 companies, know enough about what they spend, the suppliers they spend ... Continue Reading

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Jun 13 2016

Omnichannel and the grocery: Make progress or perish

Now, data-driven SCM is about more than internal logistics. Changing shopping habits and rising expectations make it crucial for supplier-to-warehouse-to-store-to-consumer ... Continue Reading

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May 10 2016

Data-Driven Supply Chain: Omniscience Enables the Omnichannel

Big data-driven insights about the performance of SCM processes, from sourcing, procurement and manufacturing to warehousing, distribution and retailing, are ... Continue Reading

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Apr 26 2016

It’s time to reap the SCM dividend

The practice of supply chain management has experienced its investment, infrastructure and information-explosion phases. Now cloud computing and big data ... Continue Reading

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