Management Team

Chief Data Guru

Brad Cowdrey

Brad is our chief data guru. He has been since day one. Brad founded the company in 2000 with the unwavering belief that information and data can be delivered differently – and better. His vision has helped Clear Peak’s clients be smarter about how their companies can use their data. Brad lives in a world of numbers – it is where he is happiest. That is, unless he is driving his RV and exploring every inch of Colorado with his wife and four kids.

Brad Cowdrey, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Brad Cowdrey

Head People Person

Kylee Eikenberg

Kylee brings new meaning to the phrase talent acquisition. She leads the analytics industry with her vision for finding, acquiring and retaining the best people, people that fit our unique way of engaging with the customer. Her long-term, holistic view for managing our most precious resource allows us to find not only the most technically talented people but individuals that fit well in our culture of collaboration, transparency and trust. Kylee is also a lot of fun to be around. She’s always laughing.

Kylee Eikenberg, Director of Talent Acquisition

Kylee Eikenberg

Risk-taking Accountant

Pam Patton

Who’s heard of a CPA who loves risk? Meet Pam Patton, our Controller. The good news is that Pam does not risk our money, only how she spends her spare time. Pam’s another example of the very interesting people you find at Clear Peak; During the day, Pam oversees all of the financial aspects of our business; receivable, payables, payroll, financial statements – you know the drill. On weekends, she lets off steam with zip lining, skydiving and hang gliding. Yin and Yang, we suppose. That’s certainly not what you’d expect from a CPA who works with accountants, auditors and the tax man. But, that’s what we like about Pam – an accountant with a personality. You don’t find those every day.

Pam Patton, Controller

Pam Patton

Chief Troublemaker

Michael Sodano

Michael is our chief troublemaker — in a good way. Michael is our resident comic relief, the office prankster and keeps us constantly entertained. But he also brings levity to the most serious situations and disarms even the most skeptical observers. His spirited approach (he’s even a certified reverend) belies his deep professionalism and his respect for his clients. Michael’s tenure at a Big Four consulting firm brings a level of expertise and discipline to Clear Peak that you don’t often find in a specialized consultancy.

Michael Sodano, Analytics Practice Director

Michael Sodano

The Navigator

Tom Suter

Tom is the glue that holds it all together. A former pilot with a diverse background including sales, operations and as an entrepreneur makes him well suited to help Clear Peak navigate to the next level. His easy-going style and vast experience in the high tech services industry provides Clear Peak with a strong competitive advantage: we know where we’re going and how we’re going to get there. Some days his job is a bit like herding cats but mostly he is the gentle prod that keeps us on track, reminding us that the client is No. 2 (yes, we believe in employees first, clients second) and that we should have fun in our journey together. Tom is an avid traveler and golfer in addition to being a master woodworker who builds gorgeous creations in his cabin deep in the woods of Wisconsin.

Tom Suter, Chief Operating Officer

Tom Suter

Resident Deep Thinker

William Tara

Bill is our resident deep thinker. Bill understands the client from inside out because he’s been there before, usually many times before. He seems to innately know what the client is thinking, where they are and where they want to go. That allows Clear Peak to deliver with a level of professionalism and discipline not often found in a specialized consultancy like ours. Bill is full of random information, facts and tidbits and has an uncanny ability to make a real connection with anyone he meets.

William Tara, Chief Strategy Officer

Bill Tara

Marketing Guy

Mike Thomas

Mike is a firm believer that marketing is both an art and a science. His focus is on the effective use of marketing technology to drive demand and build the brand. He also believes that sales and marketing should be seamless in the eye of the prospect or customer, sharing responsibility for acquiring and retaining customers He is a business software fanatic. He’s very active in Rotary and helps mentor high school students interested in marketing careers. He enjoys travel, especially to his wife’s family farm in Wisconsin. He’ll even drive a tractor every now and then.

Mike Thomas, Chief Marketing Officer

Mike Thomas

The Professor

​Jesse Wright

Jesse is the person responsible for the most “light bulb moments” with our clients. His ability to take the most technical information and transform it to understandable business terms for clients is incredible. He has deep experience in analytics architecture. He’s a big thinker yet he’s modest and humble. He insists on solid processes and workflows and constantly strives for perfection. He’s the first guy people call when they need technical help. Fun fact: Jesse was in the marching band in high school and can play a mean trumpet.

Jesse Wright, Practice Director

Jesse Wright