Business-based analytics has emerged as a powerful way to turn a growing volume of supply chain data into realized value – and better decisions.

Clear Peak offers a suite of services to take your team to the next level of supply chain analytics and negotiations. Together these services help you prepare, procure and deliver better.

Supply Chain Challenges

  • Restructuring, mergers and acquisitions constantly reshuffle the deck
  • Technology modernization introduces disjointed systems
  • Demand for omni-channel delivery stresses existing systems
  • Supplier market disruptions upset the flow of goods
  • There’s more data than ever, but insight is hard to come by

1. Define Your Strategy

Our Strategy and Roadmap service aligns your supply chain team with a clear goal-driven plan. Here’s what you’ll gain:


Fresh and rigorous spend and category assessments drive the engine of superior decision making.

Organization Structure Design

Compare your current or planned organizational structure to alternatives and craft the optimal structure to meet your leadership goals.


Keep your employees current with the skills and best practices they need for success in roles that may be evolving.


2. Source & Procure

With Clear Peak, your procurement strategy is based on a robust fact base of internal and external data. We have the tools and knowledge to fast-track procurement savings and service improvements.


A well proven methodology provides the framework to hone in quickly on the areas that will have the most desired impact on your procurement goals.

Procurement Operations:

Ensure your teams are following through on corporate initiatives with the policies, processes, systems and tools to support good purchasing habits.


3. Transportation/Logistics

Work with leading transportation and logistics experts to provide your team with the insights needed to set and achieve realistic goals for transportation performance.

  • Supercharge your team with our strong sourcing knowledge
  • Optimize management of your private or dedicated fleet
  • Redefine your 3PL relationships / TMS systems for more control and visibility
  • Combine your data with our expertise to improve operations
  • Enhance inbound control for lowerbetter costs and increased leverage

Benefits to Expect

  • Cost Reduction – hit your target savings with confidence
  • Fast realization of Merger/Acquisition benefits
  • Improved service and lead times
  • Improved supplier relationships
  • Optimized inventory requirements
  • Compliance with changing regulations
  • Minimized risks of supply chain volatility
  • Be positioned to take advantage of supply chain volatility


Experience in: Supply Chain disciplines with special focus on sourcing and transportation/logistics. Significant industry experience in retail and consumer packaged goods, food manufacturing and distribution, 3PL/4PL, oil and gas/mining/natural resources and many others

Margaret is a supply chain guru’s guru. Her entire career reflects a passion for optimizing the supply chain from the headwaters to the mouth. Her tenure has exposed her to some of the most notable names in industry: Sprint, Chevron, Linens N Things, Inland Steel, Heinz, FedEx, Newmont Mining, Anheuser Busch/InBev, and many more. She’s helped these organizations build an optimal organization after mergers or acquisitions, shave significant cost through fact-based analytics and negotiations, and improve efficiency throughout the entire supply chain.

She can help you:

  • Instill confidence in your decision making
  • Craft detailed roadmaps with action plans
  • Build the skills, implement the tools and develop the team to capture the benefits you seek
Margaret Tedlie, Practice Director – Supply Chain

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