Supply Chain: 6 Suggested Reads for July

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Margaret TedlieMargaret Tedlie June 28, 2017

Many of us in the Supply Chain world get wrapped up in our day-to-day and don’t have time to sift through all the content noise in our field. That’s why I’ve compiled this month’s best reads in Supply Chain news.

1.  Uber is Now Officially in the Trucking Business Too

“It’s not a new idea to revolutionize the trucking industry. But Uber is a well-financed behemoth entering the $700 billion trucking industry that experts predict may give it the advantage over the other upstarts.”

Those of us working with surface freight have been talking about “Uber for Trucking” ever since Uber became a thing.  And now it’s here.  However, the real apple is driverless trucks. While Uber is tied up in legal issues around driverless technology, their push into the trucking space lays the groundwork for more innovation to come.

2.  DB Schenker, DPWA and Hamburg Sud Join Forces for Blockchain Trial

“Blockchain is an exciting technology with great potential for Australian businesses and SMEs. It promises to reduce costs, create new market opportunities and transform industries.”

In this article, you can read more on advancements in Blockchain related to secure supply chain technology.  Raising confidence in the quality and security of supply chain data is critical for success in international shipping.  Adoption of leading blockchain programs promise efficiency and strategic advantage in competitive markets.

3.  Amazon Patents Shipping Label With Built-in Parachute for Dropping Packages From Drones

“Amazon foreshadowed the possibility of parachuting packages as part of another wild idea, patented earlier this year: a system for ejecting the packages from drones while they’re in flight.”

This is just neat.  Drone deliveries by parachute.  If you didn’t feel like you were living in a Jetson’s cartoon already, this will do it.  We’ve really only begun to see the impacts of these wild new technologies on supply chains.  There may be fewer drivers needed, but air traffic control will take on a new meaning.  Are you ready for the ripple effects of supply chain technology disruption?

4.  Building Data-First SCM, Brick by Brick

“Organizing supply chain management based on a data-first culture can seem like a huge job. Here are four cornerstones for a foundation of facts.”

This is a recent post of mine. I hope you enjoy it.

5.  J.Crew’s Mickey Drexler Confesses: I Underestimated How Tech Would Upend Retail

“Millard “Mickey” Drexler, the fashion genius whose ability to spot trends reshaped how Americans dress, has a humbling admission. He missed what might be the biggest trend of all.”

Sometimes the more experience you have, the harder it is to see disruptions coming.   Retail is on the leading edge of massive supply chain transformation and the early adopters of change are those who are thriving.  This article highlights how the leader of J. Crew Group reflects on the how hesitation to latch onto new technology put his company on the edge of bankruptcy.   What are the disruptors in your industry that you can’t afford to ignore?

6.  Banks Turn to Virtual World to Modernize Physical Commodities Trading

“Commodities players are trying out blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin, to help buy and sell raw materials”

Blockchain is coming at hyper speed.  It eliminates the need for cumbersome and inaccurate paper certification, drastically reducing transaction times and cutting costs to do business.  This article discussed how commodities trading is being transformed.





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