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Elevate Your Supply Chain
From Cost Center to Strategic Asset

Supply chain visibility, driven by big data analytics, is the hidden force behind massive disruption across the entire supply chain in both B2C and B2B commerce. How are you responding?



Clear Peak’s supply chain practice solutions rapidly identify and capture meaningful cost savings impact today and transformation overtime to a next-generation supply chain delivering:

  • Cost Reduction – hit your target savings with confidence
  • Faster realization of Merger/Acquisition benefits
  • Improved service and lead times
  • Improved supplier relationships
  • Optimized inventory requirements
  • Compliance with changing regulations
  • Minimized risks of supply chain volatility
  • Better positioned to take advantage of supply chain volatility

The Team You Want To Climb With

Led by Practice Leader Margaret Tedlie, Clear Peak’s seasoned supply chain team offers a comprehensive suite of services to PLAN, BUY & DELIVER WISELY.


“Poor communication & implementation can cost 80% of the savings negotiated in the supply chain.”

Offerings & Capabilities

Strategy & Road Mapping

Align your supply chain team around a clear, goal-driven planning process:

  • Assessments: a fresh and rigorous spend and category assessments drive the engine of superior decision making
  • Organization Structure Design: compare your current or planned organizational structure to alternatives and craft the optimal structure to meet your leadership goals
  • Training: keep your employees current with skills and best practices they need for success in roles that may be evolving.


  • Spend Cube: a comprehensive view of company spending by category, vendors and purchasers.
  • Benchmark current processes to leading industry practices.
  • Roadmap of prioritized opportunities and their savings/efficiency potential
  • Organizational Structure: assess current or greenfield org structure and identify optimal structure.
  • Training: assess skills gap and provide training for new or existing client employees

Transportation & Logistics

  • 3rd Party Carriers: assess current contracts and relationships and compare to industry leaders
  • Operations: understand and compare company requirements, culture and processes
  • Fleet: review operations of private or dedicated fleets
  • Inbound Controls: assess relative amount of IB freight under control and opportunity for savings by shifting control

Procurement Sourcing and Operations

Strategic Sourcing: a proven methodology provides the framework to hone in quickly on areas that will have the most desired impact on your procurement goals.

  • Baseline: build on assessment phase to develop detailed category baseline of products, flows, rates and services
  • Category Research: understand the disruptive supply landscape
  • Bid Tools: either use existing client tools or help with selection/development
  • Negotiations: drive savings and improvements through negotiations training & support
  • Award Process: gain stakeholder buy-in for awards
  • Implementation: support client through implementation of new agreements

Procurement Operations: ensure your teams are following through on corporate initiatives with policies, process, systems and tools to support good purchasing habits.

  • Insource/Outsource: structure procurement operations to meet overall corporate goals.
  • Policies: design policies to maintain visibility and control of procurement
  • Systems/Tools: evaluate and design interfaces for corporate purchasing
  • Metrics: develop metrics to measure critical performance and drive to desired behavior


Transportation & Logistics

Work with leading transportation and logistics experts to provide your team with the insights needed to set and achieve realistic goals for transportation performance.

  • Transport Sourcing: conduct strategic sourcing for high volume shipping modes
  • Inbound Control: conduct program to capture freight control savings
  • Operational Improvements: capture savings or service efficiencies through programs like: Direct Ship, Network Design, Service Levels/Customer Tiering & Load Factor Improvement
  • Fleet: implement proven programs to capture efficiencies and improve performance.
  • 3PLs/TMS Systems: source or revamp 3rd Party Logistics services

The Supply Chain Council

The Clear Peak Supply Chain Council is a group of thought leaders and practitioners from industry and academia driven to encourage the advancement and deployment of a more connected supply chain through management action, technology and analytics.

Visibility Study

In January 2017, the Council conducted a groundbreaking survey of supply chain experts on the importance of Supply Chain Visibility to next-generation supply management [SCM].
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