Analyze. design. optimize.

Clear Peak’s three-step process helps your transportation and logistics team uncover problems and opportunities with a fact-based, data-driven approach.

We analyze your situation, which results in a step-by-step guide on how to meet your business goals. We help you design systems and processes to support those goals. We attack high-priority problems first, and then create a continuous improvement process to address issues over time. In the end, you have greater efficiency, improved reliability, and better financial performance.

Analyze for Understanding

Your supply chain consists of highly-sophisticated, interdependent-systems of delivery assets, technology, people and communication. The Clear Peak assessment decomposes your transportation and logistics systems into components and documents every step of the supply chain in great detail. It also provides insight into your strengths and vulnerabilities. Once understood, we help you prioritize your list of problem areas so you can attack the opportunities of greatest value and systematically improve your results.

Clear Peak’s supply chain team will help you improve efficiency, increase reliability and grow profits through a rigorous, deep analysis and thorough understanding of every aspect of your transportation systems and logistics processes.

Design for Predictability

Shipping physical products is a necessity for retailers, manufacturers and a variety of other industries.
The goal is to design a transportation network that ensures that you have the right stuff at the right place at the right time. At the same time, you need to do that at the best cost, given all the factors. You need to consider:

Sourcing methods for transportation

Including truckload, intermodal, rail, LTL, ocean, air freight, heavyweight/specialized, small package and courier, determining the right mix based on location and delivery requirements.

Ways to fine tune and standardize your cost structure

including fuel recovery programs, freight allowance schemes and delivery performance incentives.

Systems and processes to improve vendor communication

For day-to-day management and exception situations and training programs that keep your people productive and sharp.

Optimize for Effectiveness

Supply chain optimization in a continuous process. Over time, we help you address:

    • Carrier management processes to ensure internal and external compliance of carrier selection, negotiated rates and service levels
    • Fleet utilization including loaded to empty mile ratio, load factors, fleet reliability, routing and owned vs. third party fleets
    • Omni-channel distribution options including direct-ship process from your vendors or plants to your customers
    • Plans for demand and supply interruptions such as sharp growth surges, loss of customers, emergency (e.g. weather) situations or regulatory changes

Building a comprehensive, accurate set of data about your business allows you to constantly fine tune your process. By designing for continuous improvement, you not only improve your initial data collection, but establish a strong framework for on-going analysis, insight and risk mitigation.

Case Study


After rapid growth through acquisition, a leading global distribution company needed to integrate their disparate operations to realize the promised service and cost benefits. Their legacy transportation and distribution systems limited enterprise-wide visibility. What’s more, legacy system skills were fading as their workforce retired. They needed to lower rates, improve service and reliability and increase compliance to corporate logistics contracts.

  • Clear Peak designed a master strategy that guided implementation of a new organization structure and a trained, high-functioning corporate logistics team
  • We led the new team through a prioritized list of logistics transformation programs
  • We helped source new truckload and intermodal contracts, negotiated and implement a new 3PL/TMS system and enhanced private truck and rail fleet operations

This engagement generated more than $15 million in direct annual savings. Our client improved truckload service performance and increased customer retention. They standardized company-wide access through the new 3PL/TMS platform and significantly improved private fleet costs, utilization and performance. Their follow-through on the commitment to deliver synergies and cost savings also resulted in better financial performance.

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