Prospects and customers tell us they don’t have time to educate us about their industry or business problems. That’s why Clear Peak has chosen to develop deep domain expertise in a few industries, reducing our learning curve and dramatically improving your time to market.


Retailers are being attacked on all fronts. Consumers are fickle. Amazon throws up new hurdles every day. Manufacturers are looking to cut retailers out of the equation. The old rules are out the door and the new rules aren’t clear or keep changing.

Clear Peak understands these problems because we’ve been working with retailers for years. We have an arsenal of techniques and tools to tackle your most difficult issues with fact-based analysis and decision support.

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REITs are focused on two main challenges: managing their property portfolio and improving their operations. Clear Peak has deep expertise with the business problems, data and systems of REITs based on our work with notable players in this industry.

We can integrate disparate data from internal and external sources, manage data from key systems such as Yardi and build dashboards. We give REIT owners, executives and managers key information to run their business and make fact-based business decisions.

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Food Manufacturing and Distribution

Food manufacturers (food processors) as well as food distributors are faced with changing regulations, the organic movement, local sourcing, freshness demands, dietary trends – the list goes on and on. Clear Peak’s supply chain team has extensive experience dealing with the challenges in this industry and has solved many of the vexing problems faced by its leaders. Our fact-based approach provides deep insight into your existing business and helps you make better business decisions.

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Our combination of real estate investment trust business understanding and data analytics acumen is stronger than any service provider in the industry.


Logistics providers face increasingly complex situations helping their clients move goods from source to destination. They’re constantly challenged to add value to their customers through greater vertical integration upstream or downstream. They’re threatened by new competitors (Amazon, Uber), the demands of integrating e-commerce into their thinking and systems, and the continued consolidation of the industry. The Clear Peak team understands these issues and has worked with leading providers to deliver a fact-based, rigorous approach to problem solving. We provide advice, implementation services, training and support to help you achieve your business success.

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Transportation companies continue their years-long fight to remain competitive and profitable. They must find and keep qualified operators, manage safety, adhere to a growing list of rules and regulations, integrate telematics and other technologies and deal with the deteriorating state of public and private infrastructure. Clear Peak understands these issues and can help you address your highest priority objectives. Using our fact-based analytical services, you’ll have the information you need to make dramatically better business decisions.

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Private Equity

Private equity has a responsibility to provide investors with a very high rate of return relative to other investments. This means that they’re under tremendous pressure to realize synergies, cut costs and grow revenues. Clear Peak understands these forces. We’ve worked with a number of private equity firms to help them achieve their investment goals through supply chain optimization, organizational efficiencies and new market opportunities. Our rigorous, fact-based approach aligns well with the analytical nature of these firms and delivers results within aggressive, critical time frames.

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Our deep domain expertise in a few industries, has reduced our learning curve and dramatically improved our customer’s time to market. We can do the same for you.

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