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The best roadmap is based on a clear, well-documented understanding of your goals—a vision of where you want to go—combined with a sobering, candid assessment of where you are. Once you know the beginning and the end, you can develop a strategy to get where you want to be.

Clear Peak’s Strategy & Roadmap Service offering is a fact-based, in-depth analysis of all aspects of your supply chain process. Designed and managed by experienced supply chain experts, you’ll have insight and results that you never imagined were possible.

Assess Your Current Situation

Clear Peak brings a suite of proven tools, backed by data-driven analytics, to help you determine where you are.

    • Spend cube analysis collects, standardizes and analyzes expenditure data.
    • Process benchmark compares your spending data to industry standards
    • Organization insight determines if your people are positioned for success
    • Carrier appraisal examines all aspects of your third-party providers
    • Fleet appraisal provides insight into your private or dedicated fleet
    • Operations insight identifies strengths and weaknesses of your systems, people and processes

The result of this flight of high-powered, fact-based tools is a roadmap that identifies a prioritized list of targeted opportunities to impact your procurement, transportation and logistics results.

Design Your Organization

Once you understand your situation, you need an organization that supports an effective, efficient execution of your prioritized roadmap. Many organizations are hampered by:

Mergers or acquisitions

That smash together incompatible organizations

Historical approaches

That don’t reflect modern supply chain best practices

Mismatches of resources

With the demands of your new priorities

Most executives and HR specialists don’t have the broad exposure to organization designs that will work for your new plan. Clear Peak’s supply chain practice professionals know how to meld the soft side of people management with the most efficient and effective organizational designs, based on dozens of experiential models in your industry and within your constraints.

Train Your People

Training is the most overlooked aspect of strategic procurement transformation. You can create a well-developed plan, design processes, and implement sophisticated systems, but your success is doomed without training your people to do things differently. Training needs to happen in these three key areas:

1. Data management and analytics

You need to drive your new business model through relentless focus on fact-based decisions backed by high-quality, predictable data. No longer can you run solely by instinct or relationships.

2. Supply chain, sourcing and spend management

Many supply chain employees grew up in the business and never had formal training in the disciplines of supply chain management.

3. Soft skills

The team needs to learn new and better ways to communicate, collaborate, negotiate, manage projects, build teams, and partner with suppliers.

Customer Story: Retail Apparel Company

How Strategy & Roadmap worked for them

This organization grew to over $1 billion in revenue in its first ten years of existence. However, serious problems existed:

  • Silos of spending resulted in duplication and inefficient buying practices
  • Margins deteriorated because of poor controls and lack of oversight
  • Indirect material and services expenses were significantly greater than industry benchmarks
The company recognized its challenges and implemented a:
  • Robust spend database with enhanced and validated ERP data
  • Prioritized list of savings opportunities
  • New procurement organization with formal policies, training and support, based on industry best practices
What resulted for this organization was:
  • First year savings of over $8 million across a wide range of global purchasing categories. The ROI for this project was astronomical.
  • Unprecedented collaboration between regions and departments along with better support for suppliers
  • Dramatic increase in control and visibility over buying practices

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