Understand. Design. Analyze.

Effective campaign management is often the key differentiator for customer success.
Well-designed campaigns can grow your business; poorly designed campaigns can kill it.

Three steps will improve your campaign effectiveness:
Understand your customer, design effective campaigns and analyze the results.

Of course, you need data—high-quality, reconciled, integrated data—to begin this process.
Your Clear Peak team will help you build this critical foundation and get you started on the right path.

Understand Your Customer

All great campaigns begin by keenly understanding your customer, with the goal of influencing their buying behavior in your favor. Your segmentation criteria will help you prioritize your efforts and shape your campaigns to meet the unique demands of each persona.

Clear Peak’s approach allows you to focus on the customer not the process. We fully document the findings and communicate to all parties the impact of these discoveries.


Design Effective Campaigns


Effective campaigns drive the expected result. So, the process begins at the end, with predicting the expected result. Once you understand what you want to achieve, you can extract insights from your customer data to deliver personalized, targeted messaging and generate the greatest interest and activity in your programs.

Testing is imperative. It will reveal weak spots in your campaign. From this insight, you can adjust and adapt messaging to your target audience for optimum success.

Campaign design can be quite complicated. Clear Peak experts will help you identify the elements and the process. Our broad cross-industry experience and our deep understanding of your business and industry allow us to suggest alternatives and innovative approaches that you may not have considered.


Analyze the Results

Finally, analysis is mandatory. The use of analytics allows you to continually refine your campaign strategy and deliver the right message to the right audience; at the right time; in the right channel.

And, real-time analysis should be your goal so that you can act mid-event if necessary.

Campaign analytics should be based on key factors related to target audience response and marketing return-on-investment. Clear Peak understands the process and has the experience to help you determine what data is most important and build a cost-effective system to meet your needs. That’s what we do—and we do it well.



Customer Story: Specialty Wholesaler/Retailer


A specialty wholesaler/retailer needed to improve their marketing ROI for both direct mail and e-mail campaigns. Their existing process included customer profiles based on frequency, basket size and primary channel for creating distribution lists. However, campaign analysts had to wait over one week for reporting results.

  • Designed a customer data management process to capture and create customer profiles to support campaigns based on purchase trends, preferences and response patterns for individual consumers
  • Defined requirements and implemented analytics tools and integrated with new campaign management software to provide real-time management of campaign rollout, testing and performance.

The client realized a 1.5% increase in promotional revenue, a 5% increase in ticket size for customers participating in the event and a 7% savings for campaign distribution costs.


Our combination of commercial experience understanding and business analytics skills could be just what you need to take your business to a new level of success. The next step is up to you…

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