Mar 09 2017

Both Wrecking Ball and Blueprint

A data-first culture demolishes silos and conventional wisdom. It also offers a forward-focused plan for sustainability, growth and success. For companies struggling to compete and win – or remain sustainable – in the age of disruptive innovation, data and truth are both the demolition expert and the architect. This is ... Continue Reading

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Mar 08 2017

Five Practical Steps to Data-First SCM

Organizational change can appear scarier than having coming for your industry. But with big data business analytics on your side, it doesn’t have to be that way.  “Executives – in the C-suite and at the top of SCM (Supply Chain Management) organizations – must embrace organizational change management.” That’s ... Continue Reading

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Mar 07 2017

Three Initial Steps Toward Becoming Data-First

Successful Business Analytics Begins with an Understanding of Desired Outcomes, a Strong Use Case, Accountability and Alignment Is your organization data-rich, and analytics-poor? Is it sitting on a treasure trove of useful data? Are you gaining few real insights from your data analytics, and the massive volume of data—internal, external, ... Continue Reading

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Mar 02 2017

When the Customer Comes Second

Creating a Superior, Data-First Employee Experience is Almost Always a Pre-Requisite to Delivering the Ultimate Customer Experience When Clear Peak is asked to do data-driven customer experience assessments, our clients naturally expect us to spend our time analyzing customer “big data” and voice-of-the-customer studies. But clients often forget something important: ... Continue Reading

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Feb 27 2017

Two Ways MDM and Big Data Work Together

For data-first companies, they enable superior customer analytics and process optimization. My last blog defined two disruptive business analytics technologies, Master Data Management (MDM) and Big Data analytics. MDM, I argued last time, is fundamental to a Big Data analytics solution and a data-first culture. When it’s baked in at ... Continue Reading

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Feb 14 2017

3 Big Take-Aways from “Retail’s BIG Show”

The NRF’s January 2017 expo showcased the momentum behind the idea that a data-first strategy can transform the customer experience—and that there’s much work left to do. They don’t call the annual NRF Convention & Expo “Retail’s BIG Show” for nothing. Thirty-five thousand attendees from all over the world.  Hundreds ... Continue Reading

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