In today’s world of connected objects and people, data can provide organizations with the foundation for every decision. But more data often creates more questions. Our Analytics practice can help you better harness the data generated by your customers, your own operations and supply chain.

We are capable of defining & delivering end-to-end business solutions enabled by data analytics
to generate actionable insights.

This right insight into this data can transform your supply processes, use of assets, and performance of services, strengthening your customer relationships and enabling you to out-perform the market.

Our Practice brings together leading data technology experts with business and industry sector expertise to help organizations gain better value from both corporate and external data. We deliver industry-relevant analytics to give you data-driven insights that improve your business performance, from global solutions for Fortune 500 companies to point solutions for local businesses.


Analytics Challenges

  • Management information not effectively meeting your business needs
  • Drowning in data, thirsting for knowledge
  • Need for improved methods and technologies to organize and secure the huge volumes of stored data
  • Leveraging your business information to gain competitive advantage and improve business performance and operational effectiveness
  • Real time analytics as a requirement instead of a market differentiator

The Challenge

Many organizations have yet to fully realize the benefit of their investments in business information systems. They have users who are either frustrated that they can’t get the information they need or that their information conflicts with other sources. A holistic view of key business information across the organization that can be trusted is hindered by a lack of standards and a culture that does not exploit information as a strategic asset. Today’s leading organizations are information driven and a strategic approach to handle information is an imperative.

The Solution

Fundamental to making business information work for you is having a clear strategy of how information is managed in the organization.

An Information Strategy project starts with a rapid assessment that focuses on user requirements and captures the As-Is situation. Central to the approach is a series of focused interviews with key stakeholders from both business and IT. As part of the Intelligent Enterprise methodology, Clear Peak has developed an information diagnostic tool to support the capture and analysis of this information.

The future state is designed based on input from the diagnostic tool. Workshops are used throughout the whole engagement to involve the client and ensure business buy-in and commitment.

The future state definition describes the information needed, data ownership, business intelligence capabilities and technology. It addresses the governance model and organization required for the client to achieve the strategic objectives.

The engagement results in a robust information strategy and a roadmap for implementation, supported by the business case.


Benefits to Expect

  • Optimal information usage to focus on information that adds real business value
  • Advanced technology to use business intelligence tools for data gathering, structuring, analysis and distribution
  • More efficient organization to use business information successfully
  • Better business culture to create a focus on the drivers of business and customer value
  • Corporate training and education to support the new information strategy
  • Alignment of insights & data capabilities to digital transformation initiatives
  • A definition of a lifecycle model for maturing the data landscape and progressively replacing it with new technology

Meet LUC

When it comes to the data management and the mission critical insights it enables, every company should have access to the expertise and council of a trusted strategic advisor. Luc is that guy.

He has over twenty years of experience in the Information Technology field and has a wide experience in Data Warehouse Architecture with an emphasis in Business Intelligence, Analytical, and Performance Management Solutions. Areas of emphasis also include enterprise information management, master data management, data quality, governance, data conversion and data refinery.

An independent and original thinker, Luc is a results oriented technology executive and recognized thought leader with demonstrated success assisting large, global entities in driving organizational change through the leveraging of Information. He’s lead high performing teams at an impressive list of global firms including Deloitte, Bearing Point, IBM, Capgemini & Hitachi.

He can help you:

  • Define and deliver end-to-end business solutions enabled by data analytics to support your go-to-market strategy.
  • Create a blueprint to improve data governance
  • Support you with your emerging technology analytics needs
  • Help your company gain value from your big data initiative

Luc Ducrocq, Practice Leader – Insights & Analytics

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Our combination of commercial experience understanding and business analytics skills could be just what you need to take your business to a new level of success. The next step is up to you.

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