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Why Clear Peak?

Because we are specialists. We live and breathe analytics and delivering results is a Clear Peak habit.

Why Clear Peak?

How do I get access to the numbers that will make a real difference in my financial performance, day in and day out?

We need to go beyond the traditional financial reports to gain a competitive advantage, to really understand our business performance. How?

Analytics Solutions

"How do we bridge the gap between all of the systems that are producing useful data?

"What do we need so that so that our business leaders can trust our enterprise data."

Analytics Solutions

How do I get the real-time data to react fast enough to make an impact on my business? The current process is not responsive enough.

What tools do I have access to that allow me to fine tune my operation when I'm operating on basis points?

Analytics Solutions

How are my campaigns contributing to our financial success?

Is my pipeline sufficiently large to support our sales forecast?

Analytics Solutions

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Feb 14 2017

3 Big Take-Aways from “Retail’s BIG Show”

The NRF’s January 2017 expo showcased the momentum behind the idea that a data-first strategy can transform the customer experience—and that there’s much work left to do. They don’t call the annual NRF Convention & Expo “Retail’s BIG Show” for nothing. Thirty-five thousand attendees from all over the world.  Hundreds ... Continue Reading

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Feb 03 2017

Three Disconnects That Can Sabotage Data-First Supply Chain Management

What can SCM experts and enlightened senior executives look to optimize—or fix—to create an agile, connected supply chain? Our advisory council’s soon-to-be-published new research will offer a guide. We all know it: Supply Chain Management is the backbone of business. Mastering it doesn’t just mean controlling costs anymore. It can ... Continue Reading

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Feb 01 2017

If Data is Your Biggest Asset, Why Treat It Like an Overhead Expense?

What’s your most valuable asset? If you answered “data,” you are probably right. Then why do you treat it like an overhead expense instead of a balance sheet asset? Look at the “intangible assets” section of your company’s balance sheet. Is there an entry for any kind of data? Not ... Continue Reading

Topics Covered:

"Clear Peak has trusted and enabled me to utilize and enhance my business analytics skill set. This support in my career development has allowed for me to better assist our customers in the strategic alignment of their business processes to their data processes/initiatives; as well as add substance, enhance my technical tool set, along with multi-industry business knowledge."

Sasha Senior Consultant